Factoring & ABL

This family-owned factor and asset-based lender was able to borrow $50M at 10.5% on a revolving line of credit in order to expand their footprint.

Financing a family-owned ABL for the next phase.

Type: Senior Secured Loan
Collateral Type: Factoring & ABL Loan
Amount: $50M
Projected Yield: 1o.5%
Term: Initially, 2 years with 1-year renewals
Geography: USA

Family-owned factor and asset-based lender who desired to lever up their existing equity to grow their portfolio. Structured as a revolving line of credit, with varying advance rates depending on collateral type (AR, Inventory, equipment, PO finance etc.).

Tangible net worth requirement of $12+ million.

Additional mortgages on owner occupied property and residential homes of personal guarantors.

Borrower has made significant progress in “institutionalizing itself”, preparing for a more traditional bank finance lender.

Today, two plus years later, the loan sits at approximately $20M and is well positioned for a refinance, either with an institutional lender at much lower costs or with ourselves.

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