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for small and medium sized businesses, as well as specialty lenders

Garrington Capital delivers alternative, transitional funding to companies in the US and Canada.

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With working capital fundings totaling over $5 Billion since inception, we offer business-to-business support you can’t find anywhere else. From invoice factoring, asset-based lending and more – we have the power, people and capital resources to help fuel business growth.

By The Numbers

Funds Deployed since Inception1

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The power of bringing it all together

Entreprenurial, Service Oriented and access to capital

We believe in the critical role of alternative business funding to help drive growth and resiliency in the North American market.

We work with businesses across industries to navigate challenges and opportunities every day. Our experience and a holistic approach to understanding the challenges faced by business owners means that we can provide the businesses with what they need through tailored solutions.

Your growth engine.

Our desire is to make the growth of your business frictionless. We play an important role in supporting business owners, and where needed, we provide expert advice, back and mid-office services, and funding. In any combination, we are able to help you react more quickly to opportunities and navigate change with confidence. That’s the power of bringing it all together-flexible, accessible, and connected by one vision.

1 Fundings are based in part upon funds deployed since inception by the predecessor firm to the Garrington Group of Companies Inc., Liquid Capital Corp, which was founded in 1999, as well as the Capital Provider, Next Edge Private Debt LP.

2 Employees, consultants, and advisors as of June 30, 2022, across all companies that form a part of the Garrington Group of Companies Inc.

3 All statistics are as of December 31, 2021, across all companies which form a part of the Garrington Group of Companies Inc., as well as the Capital Provider, Next Edge Private Debt LP.