Tammy Kemp – 2024 Top Women in Specialty Finance (ABF Journal)

Mar 26, 2024


For the past 25 years, Tammy Kemp has worked exclusively for private credit independent lender companies, where creativity, problem solving, relationship building and out-of-the-box thinking are often the foundations for success. As she’s worked her way up the ladder, Kemp has honed her experience by working from the ground up and learning from experienced industry leaders.

Kemp believes that the most resilient and empowered teams are built by bringing smart people together and providing support and learning opportunities paired with an environment in which people can grow and excel.

Early on in her career, Kemp had the benefit of working with some incredible industry veterans. She was “like a sponge,” seeking to learn all she could from them, and she sought to put herself on the path to secure opportunities by being willing to step out of her comfort zone for new learning experiences. These experiences taught her the power of mentorship, even when delivered informally. She has since explored opportunities to share her knowledge and experiences, even if it is just in the moment.

In addition, Kemp has enjoyed working with the education committee at the Secured Finance Network, providing on-demand course content as well as being part of a working group to expand course content and professional development opportunities. She is also immensely proud of being a founding member and executive committee director of the Canadian chapter of the International Women’s Insolvency & Restructuring Confederation.

Kemp is excited about what she and her colleagues are building at Garrington Capital. The company’s vision of helping businesses, owners and communities grow and flourish one deal at a time is powerful in Kemp’s eyes, and she’s looking forward to spending more time over the next few years building out the teams that will take Garrington into the future.

Source: ABF Journal, March 2024


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