Client information is private and confidential.

Garrington Group of Companies recognizes that clients have a right to have their information protected and has the highest attention to safeguard the privacy of information obtained in the course of its business activities. Garrington Group of Companies believes it is important for you to know how we treat your personal information. This Privacy Policy will explain why we collect personal information (information about an identifiable individual) about our clients and their employees, our employees, our referral sources, and other individuals who interact with us, and how we handle that information on our website and offline.


It is important to safeguard private and confidential client information. Garrington Group of Companies confirms compliance with privacy legislation and uses the utmost discretion when dealing with client information. Garrington Group of Companies will regularly monitor and assess the environment of compliance in terms of protection of private client information.

Website Collection

Garrington Group of Companies does not collect specific client information from site visitors unless personal information is provided or contact is requested. If information is provided, it will be collected for the purpose of answering inquiries, providing marketing materials, corporate background and to invite guests to access services and/or events.

Garrington Group of Companies’s website may employ standard technology to collect information about how the firm’s site is used for the purposes of improving website design. Website information is collected in many forms including by obtaining the domain name of visitors, user preferences, personal information that is volunteered, and geographic location.

Website guests may occasionally receive emails from Garrington Group of Companies informing them of news and industry insight. This information will be distributed in accordance with requirements of Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).


By providing Garrington Group of Companies with personal information, you signify that you agree with the terms of our current Privacy Policy as posted here. If you do not agree with any term in this Policy, please do not provide any personal information.

If you choose not to provide personal information, you may not be able to do certain things, like send us e-mail or receive our monthly newsletter.

Consent to use personal information may be withdrawn by a client at any time. If you no longer want to receive emails regarding our services, news and industry insight, you can unsubscribe to the list clicking “unsubscribe from this list” at the bottom of the email.

Privacy Office

Garrington Group of Companies’s Privacy Protection Policy is intended to provide clients with comfort that their personal information is handled with the utmost importance and care. Garrington Group of Companies is continually balancing clients’ right to privacy with the needs of the business and therefore, welcome any feedback on how privacy protection policies and procedures can be improved.

For more information, please contact us.